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Pests have been increasing their skills to beat us but we are also playing to stay ahead of the game. We have always researched and developed more and more powerful repellants as they are getting used to it. Our control techniques, tools and repellants used are backed up by proper planning and scientific solutions. We do not just get rid to pest but we try to know their behavior to eradicate them completely. We have access to latest R&D centers where researchers have been updating us with latest research ideas and technologies. We have the latest and coolest science and technology available to fight with the problems of pests and termite. We use moisture meter, telescoping camera, UV lights to detect pests easily and also special devices to detect termite. We say with pride that we have the best people in this business with many years of experience and exclusive training. Our newly recruited technicians are also trained by our dedicated team of trainers who make sure that every technician is highly efficient at their work.

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