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home_vet_welcomePest attack has always been a serious problem. Its impact on your assets and business is a serious problem. We understand your problems and take care of it accordingly.  The services we provide are –

  • General pest control
  • Termite control
  • Cockroach Treatment
  • Rodent Treatment
  • Ant, Wasp and bees treatment
  • Fleas and Spider problem
  • Fumigation


Pest Control Services

We are specialists in complete pest control. Our products are non-toxic to human. We also use natural pest repellants. We provide the recent scientific services and technology.

We offer-

  1. Immediate assistance
  2. On call assistance
  3. Chat assistance
  4. Affordable extermination prices
  5. Safely

We care for you and your family’s absolute safety.


Our aim is to eradicate pest infestation and termites infestation from your house as soon as possible. We understand the distress caused to you and your family and colleagues due to pest attack. We monitor the pest attack to find the root of it, so that we can exterminate it completely. We have always been successful in doing so to keep our customers happy and establish an amicable relationship. Contact us without delay and we will send you our best team to examine your house within 24 hours.

Termite Treatment

We will exterminate termites from your house and office once and for all. We understand the problems that termites cause to your work office or your home environment. Our experts will find the best solution to get rid of termites and make sure there is no recurrence. We focus on reducing your distress as soon as possible with best results and safety.

Termite Warranty

Termite Protection Plan comes with a warranty against future termite attack. We offer the best protection available in the market.

Why do I need a Termite Warranty?

Your home is your haven. Every home is unique in its own way and we have different plans for every house that best suits the condition. If you find your house under termite attack, you need someone you can trust to get rid of the termite colony from your house.

Every one out of four houses suffers from termite attack and most Home Insurance Policies do not cover the damage against termite. We take care of the termite service at a very reasonable price with warranty for you to avoid very expensive repair costs.

Termite Home Protection

We are a company with skilled termite inspectors who intend to give you a termite free house and a better place for living. We offer very reasonable rates and save you from expensive repair cost and our scheme is also transferable from one owner to another.

To check if your house is eligible for termite protection plan-

  • First we carry out a termite inspection
  • Next we will install a barrier against termites.
  • Then there will be an annual termite inspection.

If further termite activity will be found, we will give you the best recommendations and treatment solutions.

Fumigation Services

Our fumigation services are targeted for the maximum termination of pest. Our aim is to give you a pest free house after fumigation and a healthy and hygienic house to live. We guarantee no pungent smell of gases after fumigation.

We have various schemes for fumigation. We recommend you to contact us for fumigation only during your vacations so that we are able to take care of the pest and also make your house in living condition. We care for you and your family.



Cockroach Treatment

We affirm you that your house will be completely free of cockroach infestation. Our company has the most advanced cockroach treatment technology. Call us at our helpline number 24×7 and our experts will help you immediately. We will give you the best solution.

We understand the problems you face due to cockroach with your households. Our aim is to provide you a pest free house as soon as possible. Whether it is cockroach, pest or termites, if not dealt immediately you may face high repairing cost in future and also suffer from different diseases.

We provide immediate assistance, affordable extermination price and safe protection.


Fleas & Spider Control

We are here for you to help exterminate all your problems once and for all. Our company uses the most effective way to protect you from Fleas and Spider. Our wholesome principle is to reduce your stress as fast as possible with our advanced pest control system.

Whether it is termites, rats, or cockroaches, pest damages the hard earned property and if not dealt immediately the reparation can be costly. Do not delay; call us now for any assistance.

Ant, Wasp and bee’s treatment


Ants live in their nest which is in the soil, timber, in wall cavities and in roof voids. Their activity often increases during periods there is high humidity. Whereas, Bee and wasp strings are very painful and have their nests built near populated areas and this can be a disaster to the people who are suffering from allergies.

Ants, Wasp and bees can sometimes create a lot of fuss and can sometimes even worsen the life of the people in the worst scenario. In order, to avoid such situation we are here to help solve your problem.

We are the one stop shop for all your related concerns. We can assure you an end to your pest havoc causing problems.


Rodent Treatment

Rodents don’t have to be literally present in your house to cause you a problem. They can make you ill just by their urine or droppings, spread diseases through dead parasites, fleas and worms.

They can also ruin the insulation of your homes causing problems and putting on extra reparation cost. They can also cause fire hazard by chewing through electrical cables. They even contaminate edibles with their urine, droppings and fur.

Our company uses safe, lockable rodent bait stations in order to capture rodents. Rodent infestations can be extremely harmful and damaging to affected buildings. In order to avoid such havoc, reach out us and give us the opportunity to solve your problem to help your life make beautiful.

Pest Management Services for your Business

We are also there to help you at your business. No matter what business you have, we have solutions for you. The commercial services that we provide –

  • Food & Beverage
  • Government offices and other office buildings
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Retail stores
  • Schools
  • Other Industries

Food and Beverage processing

No matter what the situation is, we promise to find you the best solution. We take a scientific approach based on Integrated Pest Management and we would use chemicals only if other solutions don’t work. For food processing industries, it becomes very important to maintain a very clean and tidy environment inside of the building. The store rooms are attacked by rodents and cause a lot of damage to the products. It is advisable to have a yearly pest checkup for food processing industry. Restaurants are also advised to do the same as any pest related problem may have a negative impact on the business.

Government offices

Places such as courtrooms, office buildings, and offices with a lot of paper work. As there is a presence of wooden interior and files and papers there is a chance of pest and termite attack. Wooden elements get damaged by bugs and termites. It is very important to have a check of termites and pest at these places. They not only make an unhealthy environment also damage important files and materials.

Hospitals and Healthcare Centre

We will make sure the healthcare Centre is completely free of any kind of germs. We have different ways to treat pest at hospitals. We ensure you that we would not leave behind any kind of harmful gases or chemicals that might have an adverse effect of your patients. We have certain protocols based on extensive research as to comply with a sensitive place as a hospital. We start with inspection followed by a design plan as to how the pest control program is to be carried out.


Pests can be a major threat to pharmaceutical business to produce product safely and with regulatory compliance. There is clear government regulation of no pest at any Food and Drug administrative department. We specialize in Pest control at pharmaceutical business too. We use all kinds of advanced method to detect and eliminate pests.

Retail Stores

Retail stores are places where people buy their daily products. It has been often found that products get damaged at the stores due to ants and pests. Sometimes flies sit on open products and spread germs. Every store should have a pest control check from time to time. We deal with all kinds of situation such as this and we use all kind of advanced techniques to deal with pest problems.


Pest control in school and colleges must also be done from time to time. We provide the best services with very attractive packages. Our employees are dedicated to their work and will help you as long as you are not satisfied.

Is your Business being hampered due to pest?

Be it just one pest or multiple pest attack, they always have a financial impact on your business and large manifestation of pest can also damage the reputation of your business. The key is to prevent them from multiplying.

Entry point – Pests can enter your business through doors, windows, vents, cracks or holes and also via supplier deliveries.

Water Sources – Pest attack takes place at moist places. They breed on places that are directly exposed to water such as fountain, restrooms, faulty drains, air conditioning system.

Food sources – Sanitation problems causes cockroach to breed at those areas. Especially cockroach feed onto anything starting from hair to glues.

Harborage Points – Dark and small spaces such as boxes and cartons are good habitat for rodents and cockroaches. They start breeding in these places. Also little cracks are best places for rodents and pests. Harbors are therefore seen to be good breeding grounds for rodents.

Employee resting areas must be protected from pest attack. It is very important to provide a healthy environment for a better reputation for your business.

Pests can cause damage at your own profit

If your current pest management program is not working for you and if pest still persist at your home or your office, the provider must be providing you with wrong materials or even treating in a wrong way. You must be having these following problems at home –

  • Structural damage
  • Negative customer feedback
  • Damage to materials
  • Food poisoning
  • Decrease in productivity
  • Health problems

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 60 days guaranteed pest free home.

If you are not satisfied with our services after 60 days, we will give you the service completely for free. If you are not satisfied with our results we will still give you free complimentary services until you are satisfied.

24×7 Response Guarantee

Whenever you see a pest and you need the right service, call us – we will response you with the best solution to your problem. You will find us on direct national line for 365 days without any hitch. We are happy to help you.